The Little Hadham Stores in Hertfordshire

When Nina approached me to take some pictures for the Little Hadham stores in Hertfordshire, my first thought was but where it is. I have been to Little Hadham before. We went to the Nags Head a few times. I was pretty sure I had not seen any shop before. She mentioned an old butchers shop. it did not help. And yet Little Hadham is a rather small, and quaint, village. 

Once we had a chat to prepare the shoot, I was very exciting to be part of Nina’s journey. As with every local business during the pandemic, the Little Hadham stores in Hertfordshire had to adapt. It meant going from a sustainable lifestyle store to focus more on fresh food for the local community. The store is really a spin off the Little Hadham farmer’s market (that she also runs incidentally).

Little Hadham Stores is also a place for local producers to have a space to sell their food, and be picked up by locals. You will find seasonal organic veg boxes, bread and pastries, organic Irish soda bread, hummus, seasonal wild garlic pesto, vegan biscuits and macaroons.  

So Little Hadham Stores is a gem. Drive to the Little Hadham primary School and you will find it just before, on your left-hand side. It could have so many names – a deli, a local food store, a lifestyle store. It is all of that, and so much more. I did not buy anything, I am still not sure how. It is everything that I love in one space.

I do love the rustic feel of the shoot and atmosphere of a little village store. I really enjoy these shoots, do not hesitate to contact me or look at my portfolio here to know more.


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