Artisan chocolates

Artisan chocolates are not just for Valentine’s Day or lockdown for that matter ( it certainly is a great pick me up every day). In the interest of research, I tried many of them. It was hard. But I took one for the team (or several in this instance). So here is a very small list, definitely not comprehensive.

Artisan chocolates are everywhere it seems (but isn’t it always the case when you start researching). I think what impresses me is how pretty these new chocolates are. I was brought up on Leonidas – and do not get me wrong, these were nice. But now the colours are so appealing, so shiny, and the shapes are pretty incredible too.

The local ones

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I am a big fan of Yvette’s chocolates. She is based in Potten End, near me. I love how her range is so wide, with amazing fillings. A nice collection of more old fashioned (dare I say it Blegian) chocolates, with some shiny new ones. However my favourite that did not make it to her Valentine’s Day box is her caramel chocolate – you thank me when you get to taste them. They are so good (too good, can you keep at just the one?).

The shiniest ones

I thought I was opening a whole box of jewellery – so bright and shiny. The colours would make any dull day seem better. The chocolate bonbons from art chocolate are so beautiful to look at that we have hardly touched them. And you do, you cannot stop as they are all different. I loved the Fix Wizz popping one, closely followed the caramel one.

The seasonal ones

They are not easy to get your hands on but Tilly Wonka‘s ones were a firm favourite on Valentine’s Day. Those little hearts. Matilda is only stocking up on Fridays so you need to be on it. She has shared what she is planning for Easter and the little chicks look incredible. You go there for the look, and very satisfying chocolates.

The truffle ones

Well I hardly tried them. The kids loved them. So I assume this means they are good. I used to live near Stroud so I was quite impatient to try Costèllo + Hellerstein truffles. Once you get on the website, you already want to get your hands on them. And so I did. They came in a really pretty box. Highly recommend.

These were my favourites. They came intact, they inspired me for different reasons, and really I would buy them again and again. The kids would definitely eat them again and again.

They are many others in the market. Let me know what artisan chocolates you have tried as well! And Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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