Whitwell | Walk no 1

The first walk for Eat Breathe Create is one in Whitwell. It ticked a lot of boxes, river, magnificent estate houses, foraging, wildflowers and pubs. Actually all our boxes, except we cannot have pubs anymore. But the walk is still there. The closing of pubs is not an excuse not to go for a walk.

During the first lockdown, we walked a lot. We always tried to find new walks, I get bored quite easily, and some are just more beautiful than others! We started by walking close by, and then going further and further afield, when we felt we were allowed.

I shared our daily walks on my personal FB page, and one of my friends mentioned that I should share these walks in a book. I am not sure I am that keen to spell check all my work, but I could see there was value in sharing the walks a bit more widely.

Now that we are in lockdown no 2 and that the kids are not allowed organised sports activities anymore, we will resume our walks, and it feels the right time to share them here.

Let’s face it, I have tinkered way too much with them – delaying the publication in the process. So it is not perfect, but it will give you a very rough guide through the woods, looking at houses, and breathing some fresh air in the process.

We have done most of these walks with our 2 kids (Luc, 7, Louise, 3) – so this is not hard core hiking, and can be enjoyed as a family or on your own.

Let’s go back to Whitwell. The walk is best-known in the area because it passes the Bury, where the Queen was born and spent most of her childhood. You will also see the Church where she was baptised. Whitwell is a very pretty village on its own.

I have put together a gallery for you (I think in the right order). I took the pictures on two different days, thankfully the light was similar.

Cannot wait to see your pictures. Use the #eatbreathecreatewalks.

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