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In times of uncertainty when soon I might get both kids with me for… a long time, there might be some value in posting again about doing things in the home – as we are about to do the lot of more of that. And maybe get a reason to carry on taking pictures of my soon-to-become even more imperfect life. Also I just got these cute pictures of Louise on film, that together make a nice story and I just had to share.

Right here, are the biscuits we are making every week – in fact the only biscuits I am baking at the moment, because they are a winner with everyone. And I am currently waiting for the last batch (whilst frantically washing my hands and singing happy birthday to myself) to be finished for a charity bake sale. This is not my recipe (but the wonderful Nadia’s) but I can do it by heart, and had to make various versions – mainly because people here have gone bonkers and there are a few ingredients that have been missing on the shelves of the supermarket. In the recipe I will put the different options I have baked.


So I am not sure what the next few weeks are holding, but I will be selling a more consistently formed versions of these biscuits for a friend who is supposed to be running the London marathon – now postponed. I am making a couple of versions, one with ground almond, no chocolate, one with desiccated coconut and chocolate (as ground almond could not be found on the shelves of Sainsbury’s).

These are the main biscuits I make because they require a minimum of ingredients, Louise can pour ingredients in the bowl and mix, and Luc is able to weigh the oats (and then lose interest). And finally Marc loves them. I showed him these pictures, and wanted to know I had baked more biscuits with Louise. Sadly as these are analogue pictures, they were taken at least a week before I got them back. And as I wait for more films before sending them to the lab, these biscuits had been long gone before we get the pictures back.

littlehandsbaking-hertforshirephotographer-analogue cookingwithkids-hertforshirephotographer-analogue

Just so you know, my hands were thoroughly washed for this shoot – and as Louise was involved, this was our private stash of biscuits. Also I did not choose Louise’s pj outfit, it was a present, she loves it. And if she is going to wear it, I will only take Black and White film of her to soften the garish colours (TriX 400 in this instance).

dunkingbiscuits-hertforshirephotographer-analogue rusticmug-wabisabi-hertforshirephotographer-analogue

Louise will dunk anything in my tea or decaf coffee. And it can be anything including croissant, toast, and cheese. She might dunk vegetables and pasta in her glass of water. And no it is not a French thing. It is plain disgusting, much to her delight.


Anyway these will be for sale today (14 March) are Wesley’s (High Methodist Church café) for charity. And you might catch me from 11 for an hour. I will be behind the camera – probably. Hiding so I do not have to serve anyone. And if you are further afield, here are the recipes that I used – based on Nadia’s ones.

As for the pictures – All analogues taken on my Canon EOS3. the Black and White film is a TriX400 and the colour one is Portra 400.

Homemade gluten free oat biscuits in Weck jar - analogue photography
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Course Dessert, snacks
Keyword biscuits, gluten free, oat, vegan
Cook Time 14 minutes


  • 100 g GF oats
  • 30 g GF oats flour (I just put oats in my blender, and you do not have to do it really)
  • 50 g ground almond or dessicated coconut (if you need a nut free version)
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil melted
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup or nectar agave (if maple syrup has run out and you want still keep it vegan, otherwise use honey)
  • dark chocolate (optional - to drizzle on top, works amazingly with the dessicated coconut version)


  • pre-heat your oven at 160 C
  • Add all the dry ingredients
  • Add the melted coconut oil
  • Add the maple syrup
  • Stir thoroughly
  • Made small balls of the dough - flatten into biscuits with the palm of your hands for an imperfectly perfect biscuit
  • Bake at 160 C for 12/15 minutes
  • Melt dark chocolate to drizzle on top


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